Linguistics 696f
Statistical Natural Language Processing


The handouts above are in PDF format. These can be viewed with Acrobat Reader, available for free from Adobe.

Web Pages:

Things to Read:

*Some of the items above are available only as postscript. These can be printed on the u-cluster with a2ps or viewed/printed with Ghostview (free for all platforms)



*The software above has to be compiled and run in a unix/linux environment. It has all been installed on the u-cluster (where your university email accounts live), but you can install it on your own machine as well if you are running some version of Unix, Mac OS-X, or Cygwin. The latter should not be attempted by the faint of heart!

Other course materials:

*Some of the programs above have been saved with a .txt extension. This should be stripped off before running the program. For example, uniapprox.txt should be renamed The programs can be run in several ways; the easiest is perl program-name (arguments).
Mike Hammond
Dept. of Linguistics