Linguistics 408/508Hammond Fall 2003

Programming for Linguists

This course will introduce you to programming for linguistic purposes. No programming experience is required whatsoever. The programming language we will use is Perl. We begin by learning the basics of Perl, how to program generally, and then we focus on linguistic applications.


Name:Michael Hammond
Office:Douglass 204
Hours:Wed. 11-12, Thurs. 11-12, and by appointment


Hammond, Michael (2003) Programming for Linguists: Perl for Language Researchers. Blackwell, Malden.


Final project:20%

There will be five small programming exercises for students in 408 and six for students in 508. The lowest score will be dropped. No late work will be accepted.


18/26 Paperwork & overview
8/28 Dealing with the computer ch.1,2
29/2 Syntax ch.3
9/4 Syntax (continued)
39/9 Syntax (continued) ex.1
9/11 Input-output ch.4
49/16 Input-output (continued)
9/18 Subroutines ch.5
59/23 Subroutines (continued) ex.2
9/25 Modules
69/30 Practice
10/2 Regular expressions ch.6
710/7 Regular expressions (continued) ex.3
10/9 Text manipulation ch.7
810/14 Text manipulation (continued)
10/16 Practice
910/21 Practice ex.4
10/23 HTML ch.8
1010/28 CGI ch.9
10/30 CGI (continued)
1111/4 Objects Appendix A ex.5
11/6 Objects (continued)
1211/11 Holiday
11/13 GUIs Appendix B
1311/18 GUIs (continued) ex.6
11/20 Practice
1411/25 Workshop
11/27 Holiday
1512/2 Workshop
12/4 Presentations
1612/9 Presentations
12/11 No class Final project

Readings are to be done before the first day of the week for which they are listed.